Day 81- Natchez trace parkway, a bit of history of the US.

Saying good bye to the Commo dore Hotel was hard but Ill be back to see my new Tennessee family and check out the area more . I started at 7.30 and was heading on a new course today. Yesterday we had sorted out that by taking the Natchez Trace Trail road from here was the same distance as the 100 so I decided to get some history into the run. The Trace parkway goes from Nashville to Lower Mississippi and is about 400 miles long. It was a trail that the boys from back in the day took and a lot of things happened on it so I was told.
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I got run right past Michael and Kathys and Kathy came out and run with me a little bit which was awesome, it was about 5 miles into todays run. Then the rain started and it came in hard and for ages. I had the buggy in a rain coat and myself in the same , It wasn’t cold which was good as I got bloody wet. I arrived into Hohenwald and that was the last town before I got onto the Trace parkway, I took cover and grabbed a coffee at the not yet open “Rock House Coffee Company”, The team there were super nice and hooked me up with a brew. So nice to meet you all.
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Then I was off and made it to the Site where Meriwether Lewis is buried and had died. He was a famous explorer in his years between 1774-1809. I then stepped out onto the Natchez Trace parkway and headed for Nashville. The first sign I past said 72 miles to Nashville then I went 5 miles and the next one said 74, What the hell am I going backwards ? haha
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I found a few insects today.
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I had done 34 miles and it was getting late so I went down to a camp ground to find some cover but no cover so thought I might as well sleep on the side of the road for free. I went just up the road and found the Fall hollow Waterfalls. There is a walkway that people can walk down and take photos, I thought well its after 6 pm so no one will come along so I put my tent up right beside the falls on the look out spot. Just then 2 cars pull up to come see them, haha
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I wasn’t in the way to much and said a friendly hello and sorry and carried on eating my dinner of noodles.
Got a couple of photos and are falling asleep to the sounds of a beautiful waterfall tonight. Ahhhhhhhhh
Sorry this is late but I had no reception for internet. Nite all.

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