Day 80- Linden day off, needed to chill and catch up

The day off I didn’t plan but are happy to be taking it. After finding the Commo dore hotel I was happy to be have the day off and slept in . well until 8am anyways which was nice. Nothing to get up for early and only a couple of things I wanted to get done today and then just chill right out.
Kathy the owner had a mean breakie on and I ate heaps before retiring to my room to get some work done. I had to get a few emails and photos off to some sponsors as with out them I wouldn’t be here. I really enjoy working with companies and they are amazing to me which I couldn’t be more happy for. Check out the sign in front of hotel, Just for the Run with us America team, awesome.
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About mid morning Kathy came in and ask me if I wanted to have Easter Lunch with Micheal and his father Rol and which I thought was really nice of them and said yes. We headed out to their farm about 5 miles out of town where a yummy Ham and potatoes was waiting. So much fun being able to get to know people and I really enjoyed myself . They sorted me out with a great route for when I go from New york to Boston on the last stretch, sounds like there is some nice beaches and places to pass by. Just want to hurry up and get there aye.
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Then Micheal took me on a tour of their farm , they have 400 arches and have restored a few building s and built some new sheds , really nice place with heaps of trails around. Even got a cave system in their backyard.
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I really had a awesome time today and cant say thankyou enough for Kathy and Michael taking me in and really looking after me .
Day 228
Then I went home and repacked the buggy , It was felling abit heavy so again I cut my clothes and gear, 3rd time I reckon but this time I cut good. I hadn’t used some of the gear the whole trip and wasn’t going to so I sent it back to Dallas to JDK, Ill be heading there when I finish.
Then just watched a movie and listened to some youtube music clips. I needed this nothing day a lot. Now I feel refreshed and ready to get to Nashville and on to Boston.

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