Day 78 – Scotts Hill- Up or down, Animals and another huge rain storm but got lucky

Last night there was a pretty full moon so I got out the camera to take a couple of shots but it didnt come out that well, looks like a evening shot aye. oh well I was a bit sleepy and just wanted to go to bed.
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Today the goal wasn’t really going to happen right from the kick off as I was in a slow mood , well maybe just a chill mood. I headed up taking ages and only got to 31 miles but still into double bonus miles which is over 30. I head up about 3 miles short of Scotts Hill which is I would say bigger than the 5 houses in this town.
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The road was good again but not much shoulder to play with so had to keep a watch for traffic, The sun tried all day to come out but didnt really make a good move at it.
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As I was sitting down on one of many many stops I was texting away to Vanessa and look what came sliding by, a black snake. A bit over a metre long and I think it was like the one Pat had seen in the Mississippi. He didnt even know I was there I reckon until I started moving to take photos. Then I saw this little dead one on the side of the road and then a very very small dead one a bit later. Better dead than chasing me. Might have to keep a eye out while camping aye.
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Then as I past a small river I noticed a V ripple moving up towards me. I quickly changed lens to see my first alive beaver. He swan right up to his damn and climbed over it and swan right in front of me and then disappeared . Thanks little bro.
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Some other shots of the day. Found a Tennessee flag today .
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Then I got to meet Chris and then his brother Br an don Davis. Chris was out the front of his house and came over to chat . Chris is 9 but will turn 10 in 2 days from now, Happy birthday wee bro. The boys were shocked when I told them what i was doing and went straight in to check it out on line. I then got a text front he boys saying hi and if I needed anything as their dad had offered to get me some stuff. Thanks so much Davis family. Really nice to meet you boys. Keep exercising ok.
I was about to start looking for a spot to sleep as Chris had told me a Torna do was coming ,As I was looking back behind me I noticed some dark as clouds and started to run a bit. The rain started just as I came to a gas station so stopped in while it bloody pissed down. I was there about a hour waiting for it to pass. Then it was all go to try and find somewhere to pitch the tent for the night. Narrow roads, darkness and buggy’s dont mix so I had to get off the road. Saw this little couple of trees and decided that was it. I just hoped no one would mind and call for it to get dark quickly so I wouldn’t be seen.
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So another day done and still on course for 7 days to Nashville. Got a call from Nigel at JDK in Texas and he has a kiwi mate from Wellington living there so will give him a call and hopefully I can stay. I got to talk to my dad Ron Brown today which was great. He is doing great and good to hear his voice. Thanks to Amber my sis for passing on the message. x

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