Day 77- Rolling hills, sunshine and ended in Chickasaw National Park.

Got up at 6am, ate and packed up my stuff to get on the road by 7. The sun is raising a bit earlier now so good to get out there early and get a few miles   done before the heat. I aren’t breaking any records in the speed area so good to have a extra hour. As you can see the skies were magic again.
Day 22
A really nice road today with trees and heaps of water around , Started on route 64 then changed to the 100 which was less traffic but a little narrower. The cars and trucks are pretty good so as long as I keep a eye on them coming I just take what room I need for the buggy.
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Just around Lunch time I decided to chill out for a bit and took he shoes and socks off. To good of a day not to really aye.
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I stopped and chatted to a couple of people at the shops I past before I left to find a home for the night. With Chickasaw NP ahead I knew there would heaps of places to crash. Little bit of spring showing in one photo here with some purple flowers showing which looked really nice as it was the only colour except for green & brown.
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I was on the phone having a chat to Kara Lubin from 100 Mile Club and State Trooper Kenny pulled over to say hi, He had seen me yesterday too and wanted to see what I was up too. Really cool guy and nice to have a chat.
Day 231
I was going to try and get a little further than the 36 miles I did but I had been noticing the buggy was a bit heavy and had already pumped the tire up once today only to see it was almost right down again. Had a slow leak in it from a bit of wire stuck in it. So wanted to fix it tonight so it would be sweet for the morning.
Again I saw a little path just off the road and went down it to find yet another sweet spot for the night. This one maybe a bit nicer than last night with a layer of leaves to lay my house on. I love the camping life.
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Off to read ” Daugthers of Distance” by Vanessa runs. Check it out on amazon ebooks. Nite all, thanks again for being there with me on this adventure. Love yas

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