Day 76 – Out of Memphis to Sommerville. Crazy lighting rain storm

I had a wicked time in Memphis and it was great to visit and learn so much in 2 days but it is time to move forward toward Nashville the next big point on this amazing journey. It was a long way out the east side of Memphis and the road changed so much , so really nice parts of town and some not so nice.
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Got to meet some awesome people this morning which I loved. The first 2 guys just couldn’t believe what me and Pat are doing and kept asking where I had got rides from along the way , haha. The second photo is of Starsky, awesome guy . He had been going through a lot of shit and has just sorted himself out and was in a great happy place which was awesome to see. Keep that mind set bro and please keep in touch.
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The route we are taking is the old stagecoach trail that they use to take back in the old days so could b a lot to see I hope. Today wasn’t much but the road was great and a big shoulder after getting out of the city and lots of rolling hills to go up and down. I did 40 miles today but walked a lot which was nice, Legs are feeling really good and Im sweet just walking and running a bit each day. No hurry aye and still getting good miles done just a bit slower.
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I found these today, A body board and beach ball. Not sure whats going on but might have to send them forward to Boston for Pat to play on while I keep running to get there.
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Mid afternoon I started to feel a change in weather and behind me was a storm coming.  I knew it was going to be good when the locals started to stop and ask me if I needed a ride.
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Then I ran out of time and it hit hard. The lighting was crazy and I couldn’t find anywhere to hide then just as the rain started coming down really hard a lady stopped and pointed at a church that I just pasted. She told me to go in and wait it out. I knocked on the door and some friendly smiles let me in. Life savers as it was pissing down. I got to meet heaps of people and chat about our trip until the rain finally stopped. it was around 6.30pm then but I still didnt have place to stay. Huge thank you to everyone at the Victory Life Assembly for helping me out and letting me refuel my water. Happy Easter!!
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Magic sunset in the direction of where the storm had come from an I ran towards it as it moved on. Lighting flickering in the sky ahead of me.
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Then I spotted a little track and followed it down and it was home. Quickly got the tent up and a coffee made before the sun disappeared. Another fun day with lots happening . Need a good sleep and get my butt back out there tomorrow. Nite all.
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