Day 71- Greenville to Lel and to Clevel and up Highway 61 Mississippi Blues trail

Well I got it all packed up and ready to go by 7.30am and off I went back into the buggy pushing world. I was sure it would take it out of me today after not pushing for ages and being looked after so well by Shacky and Vanessa. The sun was out and I was happy to be back out there moving forward.
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I was heading towards Clevel and today which I wasn’t sure if I would make it and came up just a few miles short after getting 32 miles in for the day. I spent so much time chilling and enjoying the Museum in Lel and.
As I came into Lel and I noticed a girl getting out of a car in front of me and smiling and I thought straight away that it might have been someone Pat had chatted too. Not to be it was Tawana Andrew and Angie Quezada from abc 6 Tv channel.Tawana does the weather everyday on the TV.  Their boss had told them to go out and find the guy running down the road and ask what he was up too. A awesome surprise and it really made my day and trip. The girls were so much fun and we got a interview done and they filmed as I run down the road. Can’t thank you enough for the chance to chat about Run with us America and 100 Mile Club. So wish I was running into Greenville so I could have stayed, thanks so much for the offer.
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Then just up the road was the Highway 61 Museum , I walked in and you could feel the blues and history. James who worked there was great giving me heaps of places to check out on the way north and telling me lots of stories. I had seen this sign outside telling me about James “Son” Thomas and as I walked in James said he would ring a guy that will come play a Blues tune for me .How awesome is that.
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As I looked around I found the SON Thomas area and was thinking this was pretty cool to then have his real son Pat Thomas walk in the door to come see me and sing a song. Holy shit it was awesome. Pat was awesome and had a super thick Mississippi accent which I just understood. He told me about his dad and all the others that lived here when he was growing up. He played two songs for me and it was amazing, I feel so lucky to have met him and get to hear him play. Thanks so much .
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Pat ad James signed the buggy which Im going to get everyone to do now, Ill be able to read them as I go along and think back to everyone I met.
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SO much history to be told from this area and here’s a few photos from inside. I was there over a hour. Had to be done.
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I love these photos, there was heaps of them, I really hope I can find somewhere to listen to some more live blues music being played.
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So Lel and will be in my heart and memories for ever, I gave Pat Thomas a piece of Greenstone from New Zeal and that I was given when I run NZ and he in return gave me one of his dominos, he signed it for me. I ran out of town with huge smile on.
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A bit up the road I met Trey and he came over for a chat. Really great to met you bro. lots of waves and toots also today. Mississippi is right up there with showing you some love.
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The sun was out but clouds too which meant for some sweet as sky’s, it also meant for a cool wind which was all but straight at me so I walked a lot   and had to keep warm.
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As I was coming to a late finish after hanging around heaps this morning And not making it to town I started looking for a camp spot, So many farms around there want even many trees to hid behind. Then I found this sweet little spot and it was about 300 m off the road and noone around. Stoked.
Had a late one last night trying to get things sorted and well nothing out here which means one thing- Early night Yahoo. Big thanks to everyone who made today so awesome. Really happy to have meet you all.
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