Day 53- Rain, bit of a long day , missing friends on the road

Two great days over the weekend meant we had to say good bye to Gina and John, It was more than awesome to have them with us, You guys rock in everyday. Thankyou for everything you did for us it was AMAZING. Will miss chatting the hours away with you guys.
The rain was falling as we set off and although not cold it was a bit wet,Pat had his 100 MC poncho on all day looking great.  We were both a little slow right from the start and set in for a bit of a long day.
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With the rain meant not many photos sorry, we were running down some big fairways too so lots and lots of trucks and cars flying past us . Not the best views to take shots of.
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We did find my families house, Big shout out to the Browns of this town. These two other shots sum up todays view.
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We did find a lot of things today, including Dinosaurs, packs of cards and this GUN holster, These Texas people love their guns.
Day 215
The last road of the day was under construction but with the rain everyone had the day off giving us the whole road to our selves. Lucky as we were both pretty tired and sick of worrying about traffic flying past us.   Shacky also didn’t get much on the photo side but did catch this sweet shot of the Moonshine Press car. There are so many old cool cars over here. I love seeing them cruising around.
Day 218 Day 21
We got 34 miles in today which was great again. Into the big smoke of Dallas tomorrow where we will meet up with the JDK team who have been a huge support in sponsoring me. Really looking forward to meeting Nigel, Janis and the team.
Nite all from the Run with us America team.

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