A site we haven’t seen for a week or so now THE SUN WAS OUT, to wake to a sun was Amazing especially after the freezing rain of yesterday. It had snowed quite a bit last night and the roads were slick as ice can be so we decided to start at 10am.
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We had a great night at the Lazy T Lodge and found out in the morning that is might be haunted, haha but it was built in 1916 so you never know. There was a lot of ice hanging off everything this morning which made some beautiful shots. The trees,fences and grass were frozen solid.
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The snow and ice didn’t stop Pat from sliding on the Luna s andals and getting his top off but it was very warm. I felt recharged by the sun which I had needed. We had started 10 miles west of Throckmorton where we had stayed at the big Bull on the hill.It was a sweet little town with 800 locals living there.
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It was a great afternoon to run in, sun was warm as and snow melting fast so the cool breeze also so nothing later. Lots of Cows and farms to with some good looking Beef.
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We made Rob MarathonmanUK a present today, not sure if it will last but it is carefully put on the side of the road for him.
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We got 31.5 miles in today after a late start and we stopped a bit early so we could go and meet the team training at the Veritas Crossfit gym in Graham Texas. Our dear friend John Sharp who has been looking after us so much introduced us to his friend Wade who works here. Wade had offered to let us stay at his house yesterday which we didn’t get to because of the weather but it was great to be able to meet up today. Everyone was training hard , me and Pat nightie able to run for 8 hours everyday but both thought we wouldn’t last 10 mins doing their workouts. Really cool to meet everyone and get to chat, Thanks so much for your support and best of luck with your comps coming up soon.
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Then we headed to the Hotel for the night seeing this sweet sunset on the way, Our first one in ages.
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While stopping at the supermarket we got to meet a few locals and this lady stopped to say hi, Nice to meet you, x
We have run for the last 12 days straight and covered 398 miles (636kms) , not bad for a couple of Dufusses. Tomorrow is our day off and we are chilling in Graham Texas. Huge thanks to our amazing crew for working so hard to keep us warm, feed and happy every mile. Great running to Pat and thanks for keeping me smiling and moving forward everyday and waiting on me when I get tired. it was a huge 12 days for me running I think more than I have before, looking forward to a massage in the morning and relaxing in the arvo.
Thanks so much to everyone who has helped us this week, Love you.  Nite

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