Day 44 – Icy Icy roads at start, Helpful Locals and another great day had.

We got to the start and as soon as we got out of the Summit Seeker RV we saw just how icy the roads were. Now I mean super icy and you could slid a couple of meters if you tried. We started 10 miles short of Tahoka where we stayed last night and fell straight into running well.
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Shacky was on the big camera today which was awesome , great to have some shots of us running down the road in the conditions and sights of where we are. There were so many locals pulling over to see if we were ok and if we needed a ride somewhere, Great to know people are watching out for a couple of guys running down the road. Thankyou.
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The weather was misty, cloudy and cool all day but not super cold, Not really any wind at all which was nice and made for a great day out there.
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Hey Pat what you doing bro? Making yellow snow again.
Day 2134
Around 8 hrs later we made it just past Post which was 35.6 miles from the start and our finish point and home for the day. A nice little town.
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Vanessa just got our New Mexico video finished, Really awesome, thank you so much.
I want to send out a huge thank you to John Sharp from in San Antonio Texas. John has been my friend since 2012 and has done so much for me and our run. Thankyou so much bro.
Last week while we were in Roswell New Mexico we meet Susie R and-Weimer and she did a little work for us and got us in the Roswell Daily Record newspaper. Thankyou so much.
Roswell Daily Record newspaper
What we have run though Texas so far.

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