Day 45- Icy again, misty and more friends.

Kinda wishing the sun would pop out but thinking it will be the same as the last few days we set off from just outside Post. Icy under foot for a start but within a hour it wasn’t to bad and with no wind we were moving along nicely.
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Shacky was on the camera today and snapped some sweet shots again, The way the ice and snow sits on trees and grass is special sometimes and you gotta take a mo to check it out. There wasn’t much out here but a few farm barns that had seen better days but looked awesome. We got the Go Pro out today to get a bit of footage and it was fun filming each other thinking of different views to make running down a road look awesome.
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Then a car pulled up beside us and 2 awesome smiles greeted us. Eric Buzzard and Elissa had driven down 2 hours to come find us. Really awesome how so many of Pats, Shackys and Vanessas friends are coming out to find us. I really love it and so wish my friends could come over from far away. Eric was straight out and shoes were on to join us.
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There are lots of small oil rigs/pumps in the farms and also some gas works, interesting to see as we dont have them in New Zeal and.
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The ladies walked back up the rod to join us for a bit which was great, So much fun and laughs going on which I feel super lucky to be a part of. Thankyou everyone for having me.
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We got our 35 miles in and apart from being a little tight in the left leg, just need a few stretches tonight. Maybe I’m getting old haha nah to at all. Pat was running great and looking stronger everyday.
Another awesome crewing day from Shacky, Vanessa and the pets, thank you so much. Once back at the hotel which again was donated to us by John Sharp (you legend) we just chilled out and chatted with Eric and Elissa as they stayed the night.
A great day out there again and also we hit the 1200 mile mark today, Thats almost the length of New Zeal and that we have covered in distance. Crazy to think that aye and we aren’t even half way across the US yet. This place is huge.

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