Day 42- Head wind, cold and a super tight hamstring

We left a little early today because we were sleeping in New Mexico but running in Texas and there is a 1 hour time difference. We arrived at the start to light snow falling and a good headwind. Bundled up in heaps of clothes me Pat and Roxane ran off.
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It didn’t take long for me to start to slow and my left hamstring decided it didn’t want to run today, Really the first problem I have had since the start of the run. I knew that something would happen but just didn’t know what. I was a little surpised as it is a long time into the run, on my NZ run I got problems about 12 days in for a couple of days and in Japan it was 3 weeks in. I will keep working with it and not push it then keep it happy until the sun comes back out which Im sure will sort it out.
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We went though Plains and that was about where I started to say goodbye to Pat and Roxane, It was cold and didn’t want them to be waiting for me and getting cold. I was fine and happy just to walk and see if I could sort my leg out with a lot of walking. I made a choice pretty early on that I would only do a marathon today and then give myself heaps of time to massage and sort it out.
The views today were pretty boring and the same the whole way. There is lots of farms on both sides that went as far as you could see. Which means the roads were straight and flat and LOOOOONNNNGGG.
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So we did the 26.4 miles in 6hrs 30mins which had lots of walking for us all. No point busting your gut running into a head wind aye. The crew was super awesome having hot food and drinks waiting for us whenever we pulled over. Thankyou so much.
Tonight we are staying in Brownfield and We want to stay a huge thank you to Nesha Morse for putting us up at the Caprock Inn Best Western. Nesha you are so awesome xxx  Big hi to the dogs and LB xx
Day 27
I also want to shout out to Tina Vallette for her generous Visa gift card donation! We turned your Visa into a bunch of fresh groceries. Thankyou so much.
tina - visa

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