Day 40 – Radio interviews, suns back out, nice sunset

Yesterday we meet the team from Majestic Radio and we were invited to have a chat at 7am this morning. It was awesome to be able to go Live and chat to the people of Roswell and everyone who tunes in to their stations. We got to chat on 4 different stations at prime time 7-8am. Thankyou so so much to all the Dj’s and staff for making us feel super welcome and getting the word out of our adventure.
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Then we got out to the start to run at 9.15am and just when the sun was coming out, Roxanne was with us again for her second day on the road. Now todays run was 35.4 miles long and man was it straight , I mean in that 56kms we only slightly turned a corner no more than 4 times. You could see so far ahead I thought we saw Texas.
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Again pat was on fire finding different things, Even a bootle of Corona beer that we just had to try, The pop of the lid was perfect but then it wasn’t so good. haha.Lots of little toys and this awesome pirate flag for the buggy.
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Pat found a Garter still br and new too so of course we had to do the right thing and take it off with my teeth.
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As we started late it meant we finished a bit later in the evening so we got to see a pretty nice sunset and some awesome clouds that were floating around.
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Tomorrow we will finish running through New Mexico and I wanted to show you how far we have come , this is the MAP of where we have run. We have had a great time running in this L and of Enchantment. We are staying Tatum for 2 nights which is just near the boarder of Texas. Exciting times.
Big shout out to our Crew, Shacky and Vanessa for planning so much for the route, finding hotels and places to stay and so much more and also to Alex for being out on the road for us as we run. Thankyou all so much for supporting us. xx

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