Day 37 – Roswell , Baby Bloomers conference, Birthday love.

We took the day off today because we got invited to talk at the Baby Boomer conference expo today in Roswell. It was so exciting for us and awesome to meet everyone there. They started at 10am and we were lucky enough to be introduced to the whole expo and ran up to the front.
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Before we did our talk we had some time to cruise around and meet everyone, A really interesting and fun filled mix of people. Everyone was so friendly to us. We had a great talk to around 12 people including some kids which was great to be able to tell them about the 100 Mile Club, A couple of girls already were in a  running club which was great to hear. Also one girl also had her birthday today, Congrats to you x  Two or three of the ladies who came said they will try to come run with us which is great. Thankyou for your support. Hope to see you on the road on sunday or monday.
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Above here with the cake is Susie and she was behind getting us into the expo, Cant thank her enough and then she turned up with a birthday cake for me. You are to awesome x
We both couldn’t go past THE ROCK team and we got a awesome massage from Emily, thanks so much .
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Our talk went great and we got a good little crowd with 5-6 kids which was great, Everyone was super interested and had lots of great questions. Also a couple of the lades are planning to come run with us on Monday, so cool.  Thankyou.
Then we hit the UFO museum, had to go aye. Vanessa had talked to them about it being my BDAY and they gave us free entry and also had a present for me. Thankyou so much for everything.
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So much info on what happened back in 1947, Did it happen or not? Im not sure but its a cool story which ever way. So many things to see when you are in there.
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Then we hit the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, Roswell. Now from the outside it looked like a big shed but inside it was AWESOME! really really cool. Ill let the photos do the talking.
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Just as we were going to leave I noticed this cool shot of Vanessa and in her sunglasses you can see me and Pat. Zoom in to see.
Day 274
hen it was lunch time and we had Thai, The owners were super friendly and loved what we were doing. Thanks for your support.
Day 275
CHECK out this love. from 100’s of messages to 3 cakes I was blown away by the love from all over the world. Sachi was first to come in a surpise me with the happy birthday sign hanging out side our room. We got a photo.
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Then this evening we had the cakes which were super yummy, Vanessa and Shacky got me the cupcakes, Kelly and her family got me the Big cake with 42 on it and Susie got me the other one, I sure have to run heaps in the next week dont I.
We are back out on the road tomorrow running heading to the border of Texas. Exciting times. Just now Samantha and Tony arrived with my last present, a big bottle of Choco Milk. Thankyou so much
Got a call from dad as well so today was a great fun, busy crusiey day. Love you all.  Oh we have done 941miles so far and will hit the 1000 in 2 days, Yahoo bring it on.

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