Day 36 – Feb 20th, Smokey the bear, Billy the kid and new friends

Got up and got ready to leave from the Valley of fires camp ground. Its so much fun camping along the way. Pat here pulling down his house. Alex took us to the start point about 20 miles up the road. We both were a little slow to get going but with a hill to climb right off we didn’t feel bad walking it.
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Then we had a sweet run down the other side of hill. We found these two bottles of water with a note saying God Bless on it. we didnt know if it was for us so we left it there but found out later it was for us. Thanks so much to this wear angel.
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First town we hit was Capitan, Home l and of Smokey the Bear. Cool little town with lots of history about Smokey. We stopped in at the Museum to hear the story of how he was found and what happened . Did you know that Smokey the bear didn’t really come about from this cute little bear that was found that time in the huge fires that burnt here. It was a name to a cartoon character bear and was changed over the the real bear later. He lived most of his 26 yrs in the Washington’s zoo but was bought back to Capitan after he died.  So many things to see in the museum please check it out if you go there.
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Then we headed bad out to run with anise tail wind pushing us along. Down a cool valley which was nice after weeks out on the open road. A few shots here from around mid day.
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Pat found a friend and we stopped off to say hi and feed him.
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Then we hit Lincoln, A lady by the name of Mary Beth had offered us a room here a few days ago but it didn’t work with were we would  today. As we run into town we saw a lady and said hi and it turned out to be her. So funny how this happens. Mary was working at the Very famous court house building in town and let us check it out for free. This was where Billy the Kid was held and were he had shot a sheriff to et away. Really cool to learn about it and see where it all went down.
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Me and Billy gettinga selfie together.
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So much history in this town, All the old buildings and a few museums that you can go into see. We met a man here also and his brother lives in Arrowtown In New Zeal and which is 50 minutes drive from my house. Crazy close. Thanks for saying hi Murray.
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Just out of town we found a cemetery and with all the history here we thought we better check it out. A little scary but as we went in through the turn stile gate it was moving by its self in one direction BUT when we went to go out it was moving by its self the other way. it was funny yet scarily.
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We did 31 miles today in a slow 8 hrs 30mins with all our stops and touristy things , A fun day had. We finished in Hon do.
We got to the hotel and meet up with kelly, Sachi and Juan and his son and headed off to dinner. We had been invited to dinner with a awesome group of runners from Roswell. Susie and her friends welcomed us so well and we had a great time, couple of beers and good food down the Peppers Grill& bar. Thanks to Neil the boss to great to meet you.
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We went back to the hotel to chill out and we tried the Alien Amber ale that you can buy here in Roswell. It was pretty good I thought. Thanks so so much to Juan for sorting us out with this great hotel and introducing us to some new people.
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Exciting day tomorrow as we are speaking at the “Baby boomers ” conference in Roswell Centre. Getting to be a part of this is going to be super fun. Thanks to Susie for sorting this all out and making it happen.
HUGE shout out to our awesome crew for helping us out and running bits with us on yet another day on the road.  You all ROCK.
Lets do it for the Kids. 100 Mile club !!!!!!

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