Day 34- Refreshed , Blue bird and running well.

Woke up refreshed and ready to get back on the road. Having two nights in a sweet hotel and a day off was just what we need. Sadly didnt get to play golf but Im sure we will another day. We Headed back out to our start point on Route 380 and headed up the path on this magic bluebird day.
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We thought twice that missiles were coming over and saved each others lives by diving on each other. This area was where they tested the first nuclear bomb back in well not sure really but ages ago. Pretty crazy really. They still do tests out here for lots of different things and the locals get told to leave the area. Next one is March 10th.
You might be thinking what kind of things I/we have been eating on the road. Lots of different things. Avoca dos are a must, pat loves them and I do too, Then lots of Potato chips , oranges and I drink chocolate milk and coke heaps. Milk is my must thing.
Day 25
Had the buggy back out today and it was going great. Also had the VSKIN gears on as always, slowly losing my love h andles so it doesn’t look to bad on me. Sorry for the rolls.
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Pat loves to play games and this one he was testing if the bottle was full of Pee or Tea. it wasn’t tea. hehe idiot.
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We found a rock sop out in the middle of nowhere and on their business card thats what it said, 33 miles from nowhere, The owners were super nice and of course we stopped for a chat. They have some rocks that are Trinitite, which is a rock that was made when the nuclear bomb dropped it melted all the rocks and changed their form. He gave us a small piece but dont tell his wife. Sorry and thank you xx
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Then as I was pushing the Love Bug along that it was getting heavy, I thought I was just getting tired until I looked down to find a flat tire. So I fixed it to only find the other one was down too. We had gone straight over a bush and it was all thorns. there was about 20 in each tire, Had to get shacky to come pick it up so we could finish our miles for the day.
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Pat found a magic sharpie pen today that smelt nice and tricked me into to smelling it, stupid me said oh yeah and got the old green nose . got him back .
Day 235
As the day went on we had some nice views to end with on the 35 miles we did today, then I noticed I was getting followed by a alien. You can see him being way thinner than me and following me down the hill then he just disappeared. hehe this is the l and of Enchantment and aliens.
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We have had so much support last 10 days so today was our first camp day in a while but what a place to do it. Valley of the fires camp ground, spur cheap and right on a lava field. Long ago a volanco kind thing happened and the lava run down the valley here. Beautiful rocks are left now. I set up the Big Agnes tent & Sleeping bag and my awesome mat from Nishikawa Nihonbashi in Japan. This is the combo you want when camping yet me tell you.
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Had a little hot Japanese sake tonight too, cooked on my Soto burner. worked a treat and was yummy as. Will sleep well tonight. Then just got a couple of night shots. Dark as here so there were so many stars out. Had a good model too. I like this shot of Pat in the stars.
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So Another sweet day out on the road. Amazing support from Shacky Vanessa and Alex today and we ran well. Meet some nice people on the road and a cool place to sleep. what else can we ask for.
Oh we are speaking at a conference this weekend in Roswell. will be great fun to get the chance to talk about our trip and 100 Mile Club. Fun times ahead.
Yes this weekend is my birthday 21st , if you have any present to send over just let me know. haha nah just a lovely message would be amazing. Make it us all here. xx
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