Feb 13th- Pie Town & Toaster House

Out the door at 7.30 to drive to the start of the day which was 32.5miles from the toaster house. Alex took us out and was our crewman for the 2 stops we had. She has been awesome driving and having things we need while Shacky and Vanessa have been sorting places to stay and our route we will take. The crew are so great, happy 24/7 and always there for me and Pat. Thankyou so so much
Day 280 Day 279
It was pretty cold today but a beautiful sunny day. We headed off and ran well out of the gates. There wasn’t much to look at out here but the nothingness is great. We didn’t talk a lot and were both just in our own heads thinking of all the important things of the world. I know Ill be voting for Pat to be president next time he has so funny and interesting laws he would bring in.
Day 281 Day 282 Day 284
We had a couple of visitors on the road today, A truck driver pulled over and gave us some water, then the owners Joan and Tony of the toaster house stopped and said hi. It was awesome to put a face to the happy friendly voice on the phone.
Day 289 Day 285 Day 288 Day 291 Day 292
There house is so awesome, so much atmosphere here, You can feel the travelers who have past by, the fun they have had here. So many little rooms and things to look at. The toilet is awesome. Me and Pat played some basketball and hacky sack which was fun .
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We had some pie night which was nice, We are staying in the famous Pie Town. Then the guys played some Jenga.
Day 23 1 Day 22 1 Day 25 1 Day 21 1 Day 24 1 Day 26 1 Day 27 1
So it was another fun day out there and we are both moving well. Fun times happening in the next few days with people coming to see us and a party going on tomorrow. Also some sweet sites to see in the next few days.
Sorry this was late to everyone, No internet . Nite

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