Feb 12th – Day 28 – Round Valley Middle School visit.

A great sleep at the Eagar fire department last night, The guys here were so nice, we had sat in on their weekly meeting last night and go to know the whole team. The boys came into work around 6.30. Shacky had started to create a egg bacon sensation and we ate well in our warm home.
Day 251
We had a school visit today and we were super excited, its our first one since me and pat got going together and we were to speak to two classes at the Round Valley Middle school.
But first Pat the fire man took us on a tour of Eagar, he drove us out to John Waynes old ranch, yep The John Wayne from the movies. Eagar has a lot of history and we got to see a lot of it in 1 hour. We also stopped in at the Dome station which was at the local high school, It was HUGE. A gym, track, maybe 5 basketball courts and heaps of seating. Really impressive.
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Then we headed off to the Middle school for our first class at 9am. We meet the 6th & 8th graders for their 1hr PE class. They were awesome and we got to know them really well. Always fun to teach them a few things as well as learning a lot from the kids. There is 380 kids in the school.
Day 25
Then we meet the 5th graders for the next hour. We chatted about our run, NZ and japan runs as well as 100 Mile Club. We tried a few new ways to talk to them and it went great. I loved asking them about their dreams and see what came out, Navy, cop and restaurant owner. Their gym was closed so we couldn’t go for a run but did a few push ups and took lots of photos after our talk. We also had them sign our book which was fun. I did a small push up comp with the kids and one boy smashed out 32 with me, little legend. We really had a great 2 hrs hanging with the kids. Thankyou so much to Principal Marcie Udall for inviting us in to talk. You made our day so much.
Day 26
We got to the start of our run at 11.30am and headed off to find the New Mexico boarder. It was 2.5miles from our start and we stopped for a few photos. We were excited as that’s our 2nd state done being on the next one. Arizona was heaps of fun, lots happened which wasn’t planned but as with all things everything came together and the journey continues. I love the challenge of everyday and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks to everyone in Arizona who helped us and come to see us. You rock.
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Me and Pat were feeling good even after the late start and run up the road with the sun up high in the sky beaming down on us. The wind dropped right off as we headed into New Mexico . The sceney was a bit different straight away , not as many trees and no cactus. Lots of rolling hills.
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We weren’t to sure how far we would get today but we used the whole day until 5.30pm and got the 42.2kms in in 5hrs 50mins.
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Then we drove to Pie Town were we are staying for 2 days. The house is so awesome and you can feel the travellers who have lived there before us. It is free to use for the trekkers who are walking the Continental Divide track. It goes right passed the door.
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SO thankful for this place to stay, we had a fire and chilled right out. Thankyou Joan and Tony for letting us stay.
Sorry this was late, we didnt have internet. Nite

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