Day 30- Pie Town to the 27 VLBA antennas

We had to leave our Toaster house this morning which was sad , we had a great time here. Out of Pie Town and running deeper into New Mexico.
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First up we crossed the Continental Divide which was just out of Pie town. Pretty cool to run past here. I so want to come back one day and walk the trail which runs from the bottom to the top on the US.
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I had the buggy out today after a couple of days without her. We have renamed her LB which came from it being Valentines day today so she became the Love Bug. We had a bunch of flowers out the front and were looking for our valentines.
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We didnt have much climbing today which was nice but then it was a sweet little slop down and along the flats to our finish. It was a very pleasant day out. We did 35miles today in 7hrs 50mins.
Day 269
I had a little tight left hamstring so I used this barricading for a massage and took this selfie with Pat.
Then we had a visitor which was AWESOME, Nesha and Liz drove down 4 hrs to come see us and bring us goodies. Nesha and little dog Daisy came straight out for a run. It was a huge pick up and we loved chatting away .Then Lexa ( dog) came out too.
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We ran down this road today and way in the distance we could see the Disc’s. This road was so straight and long that the end never came. We took guesses at how far it was to the disc’s and both me and pat were miles off. Just near the end Vanessa and Nesha came out to run the last few miles with us. It was a beautiful afternoon and we were running really well.
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Finally we were near to the disc’s and they were awesome, 27 huge discs in a Y shape. I got a few shots and hope they show you how big and far apart they are. This was right were we finished for the day.
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The crew were there with food , beer and drinks for us and of course smiles . they are so great. Thankyou.
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Pat’s friend Kelly and her daughter Sachi have sorted everything for us tonight, from a bed, shower food and her friend also got the local paper to come over for a interview. I got to play dress up of Sachi’s American Doll and we turned her into a Snowboard girl. Lots of fun playing . Can’t thank you Kelly enough for helping us out so much, Nesha and Liz for driving so far to run with us and for bringing so much food. The support we have had is amazing, Love you all so much. xxx
Day 299
This is the MAP of our New Mexico trip so far.
Sorry for the last posts from the last 3 days. I will update as soon as I can so dont worry we are all good. Just out in the middle of the US. Night all

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