Day 26 – Out of Show Low and heading up to 8700ft

We got looked after last night by the Timber Mesa Fire Department team. It was just a small team but super friendly and very welcoming. Me and Pat got to wear the hats for the photo this morning. The sun was out as we headed out of town on our way up route 260. We decided to take the 260 instead of the 60 as the fire boys had said it was more scenic and it sure was.
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It was a magic day and the climb wasn’t bad at all. we went from 6300ft up to 8700ft. Not much traffic and lots of shoulder to run on made for a cruisey run. We ran through different county’s and into some Indian reservations which I enjoyed.
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We were both feeling great and running well. We did 33 miles in just under 8 hrs with a couple of good breaks.
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We hit some snow along the side of the road which added to the beautiful views.
Our awesome crew were there every 8-10 miles and they are looking after so well, Chairs are out, every kind of food and drinks waiting for us. Makes a huge difference to have this support and keeps us running well. Pat can’t get enough of Salt & Vinegar chips with a beer.
pat beer break
We found a patch of snow and pat had to first make yellow snow and then do a small run up in his Lunas.
pat snow run
We were surpose to stay with a Mormon family at their house but they got sick so were worried we would too so they booked us into the Best Western hotel in town. We can’t say thank you enough for this amazing support. Ed and Kelly Keele came down to the hotel to meet us and made sure we were good. Really loved meeting them. Thankyou for everything .
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Todays Map of the run.
It was another great day out there. Thanks so much to everyone who has given support today and is talking with Vanessa about places for us to stay for the next week. You are making this trip so great and so much fun. Meeting people is huge for us and this is the best way too.

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