Day 15- stage 13 , Route 60 towards Wickenburg AZ

Got up early today as we had to pack up and get on the road early to drive the 50 miles back to the start spot. It was raining pretty hard and it would be our first rain day so everyone was getting ready for a tougher one. As we drove to the start and just as we got there the rain stopped, yahoo. Awesome to see the rain gods thought what we are doing is good so he turned off the rain for us.
We started just after 8 and headed towards Phenix on route 60. No turns at all today which was nice but also not much else out there but straight roads. The views got better as the clouds cleared a bit.
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I was running with Chris and Bryce again and we settled into our same pace as always. Then bryce got a little stitch so I had him try my old grass trick, get a bit of grass and rub it on the spot then hold it to the spot for a few minutes and your fixed, haha well thats what I did when I was younger. It did fix it for him but he did get a small reaction to the grass and it became itchy, sorry bro.
Day 22
A few more shots from today, Sorry there isn’t more just was nothing out there.
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Just as we finished i found this flower drawn on the road, we did todays marathon in 5hrs 3 mins. good run again. Chris is solid at keeping it.  Then we drove into Wickenburg and got some food, On the way this beautiful rainbow came to see us. Huge one over the town and Cactus. Thankyou rainbow x
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The other day When Tobin was here running 4 days with us he did a little interview with me to show his kids. If you are interested you can watch it here. Thanks so much Tobin for this, was a fun time. Hope the kids and others like it.
I got those maps sorted today finally, so sorry about that. Hard to follow when you have no idea where we are aye. sorry.
AZ stage 11
stage 11 AZ 1
AZ stage 12
stage 12 AZ 2
AZ stage 13
Stage 13 AZ 3
We were suppose to stay at a camp ground today but when we got there the grounds we super wet, but the owner Jim who was a awesome guy had rang the local school to see if we could stay in the Gym. He said yes and we headed there. So Awesome to have this amazing support and at such short notice. Cant thank you all so much for helping us out. Big shout out to the Wickenburg High school!!!!!
Also want to say a huge congrats to our core team, all running well, a few injuries and lots of blisters getting around but the team is strong and helping each other when it gets tough. keep smiling and milling and take it slow everyday. Keep each day as fun as possible.
Everyone reading please send in messages to us and I will pass them on.  check them out HERE
I just did todays 15 push ups and sit ups with Samantha. Have you done yours?
Nite all. x

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