Day 2. Special stop at 100 Mile Club Headquarters to meet the kids

Day 2 as always started at 8am and headed off on our next marathon. But today had a special stop over at the 100 MC headquarters to meet the kids.
A big thank you to Doug Crouse for his amazing support with being our Sponsor of the Day Sponsor today. It was great to have you with us on our run. Thankyou Doug!
First we cruised along the river trail heading inl and away from the Pacific and it was pretty nice, lots of shade to keep the sun off which has been awesome but hot. Everyone was feeling better today and settled into their own speeds.
trail views road view river views am
I was feeling heaps better myself and felt like i was running not pushing my body along the trail.
road view 2 100mc view Afternoon view
We have 3 aid stops during each day at around 10,20 &30km mark, the crew are there with water and our drop bags that we put whatever we might want at that stage of the run. I just put in my Aloeup Suncream , trail mix   and a jacket incase it gets cold.
At Mile 17 we arrived at the 100 Mile Club Headquarters to be welcomed by the kids and families of the 100MC. I had a boy called Logan come down to meet me and take me in. So awesome to meet him, he is 140miles in a goal of 500miles for the year. Amazing effort. He said every year he adds a 100 miles to the last year total. Me Rob( marathon man UK) and Patrick in this first photo.
pat, rob jup logan  logan pick up jup logan
Meeting the kids was so great, they were doing laps of the building to learn more miles, running and running. we joined a few of them . way to fast for me.
jup kid jup mattew Jup Elizibeth
This little cute girl had done over 50 miles and she wasn’t 2 yet, this is her and Alex & her and Pat in 2nd photo.
Alex 2 yr girl 2yr old pat
panorama 100MC jup kara family
This second photo of me and the 3 girls and mum , I went to a school with Kara last year on their first day of 100 MC and they were in the class I spoke too.
100MC welcome sign jup girsl family close up
So many people came to meet us, was a special lunch, they and snacks and drinks for us which I must say I smash a heap of. They had a presentation and introduced us all , it was great and I got so much power out of it. thank you so so much. Kara you are awesome!!
100mc everyone 100mc people 100mc office 100mc headquaters
We all were signing the kids tees so I thought I would get creative and was drawing Kiwis on the tees.
steve  and alex day 2 rob signing tees rob 100 mc tee netune  and rob day 2 leaving 100mc day 2 -2
Such a good fun group, smiles everywhere.
Circle of heads core team 100 MC Jup Patrick Linda day 2 kids  and core runners 100 MC day 2 leaving 100mc day 2 alex day 2
I got to meet one amazing man who I had wanted to met for a long time. The Jester as he is known, Ed is a amazing ultra runner and just set the world record for most 100mile races in a year last year, 40 of them in one year. thats a 160kms almost every weekend . Congratulations Ed and it was a real pleasure to met you.
jester jup
Then after a 1hr and half we had to go and run again, 15kms to go and it was hot. We lined up at the start and headed off.
100MC welcome sign 100MC start
Some more views of the day.
horse crossing road 100mc view pison
I ran really well today for the second in so I was happy, I did the 42.7kms in 5hrs 15mis. not fast but good for me. Had blast today and feeling good. Loving running with the team.
Im working on the maps so will post them when i sort it, sorry. We went out for pizza tonight and man was it good.
Remember heaps more photos going up on facebook and Instagram everyday, #Jupbrown
Sweet dreams all.

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