We are Off- Race Across USA started -Jan 16th 2015

Hi all , well I couldn’t have asked for anymore in a first day. Everything was perfect.
I was in the same room as Netune and we got up at 5.30am so we had to downstairs with our bags by 6.30am to pack the cars for the first time. Lots of gear everywhere but it went in sweet. Pre start shot
Pre run shot
Then down to the beach at 7am to have photos at the pacific Ocean at Huntington Beach California. The start place of our run. Right in front of the hotel which was great. Little nip in the air but a sun raise to die for. Patrick jumped straight in and us chickens just went in up to our knees. I had a small bottle and filled it with some ocean to take to tip in the other sides ocean.
Pier shot  pacific ocean water pre run packing  Rob jessica ocean Sunraise  Pre start shots Pre start shots 1 Sunset at Huntington Beach 15th Jan 2015
Great photos were being taken and smiles were on everyones faces. A real awesome buzz in the air before what was to be a hard crazy 5 month trip. 7.30am back to the right at the start place for a briefing and more photos. Meeting people who had come to see us off and it was just so much fun.
Kara Lubin( founder of 100 MC) and her amazing team of 100 mile club ladies were there which was great. Last time I had seen Kara was in Japan in Sendai last year so many hugs there. She is one amazing lady.
Kara Jup
Count down starts and well nothing to be nervous about my smile just got bigger and bigger as this adventure was about to start. I LOVE doing this running adventure meeting people thing!!!!!!
Found a ring
Bang and we were off !! First day sponsored by DMS Surfboards on the Gold coast Australia , Dan you are a legend and I was beaming knowing you were with me and the team especially on day 1. YAHOOOOOOO
DMS Logo
We ran along the beach side for about 6 kms then turned in l and and followed a river on a bike trail for the rest of the day, No traffic and lots of people out to wave and chat too. You know I love that too.
steve cooper basketball Nancy start Darren start
The group has so many different runners and all with their own styles and well for me I was heaps slower but had some great chats to everyone who was the same speed as me. We did only meet 2 days ago so lots to learn about each other.
Course views Chasing Netune Honda centre Homeless garden
First great moment of the trip, Carol who was riding her bike for 50 miles stopped and asked me what we were doing , when I told her we were running 3000miles to the other side of the country she nearing died. So excited which made me excited we snapped photos and exchanged emails etc , it was so great and just what I had hoped for. Can’t thank her enough for stopping to say hi. I hope more do.
Carol jup
Then I found the man( boy) of the day. Skyler was with his family at mile 20 in his Orange 100 Mile Club tshirt which I had dreamed of but didn’t think would happen. See dreams do come true. To find a 100 MC kid of the first day of the Trip we are doing FOR THE !00 MC is Awesome.   His family were excited and stunned as I told them what we were doing and we got some great photos. I posted them so fast . Skyler had made mine and then everyone on the team’s day . Thankyou little man.
Skyler Jup Skyler family
Then we had a little detour off the trail which lead to me being real slow for the day haha I was hungry as and then I saw the sign I love “SUSHI” Yahoo I was straight off the road and inside. Really nice people in there and then I made the crazy mistake of not reading the menu right.
sushi  Sushi sign
Excited I ordered what I thought was a quick snack and turned out to be enough for 3 people haha. But my true skills came out and I ate almost the whole lot and ran back out the door with it. I meet up with Darren a mile down the track and he finished off what I couldn’t fit in.
Got to get the Sushhi shop owner , workers and customers in on what we were doing and they wished us all well. Awesome
Then I ran with Darren for 20-30 mins which was great, Darren and his wife S andy have done SO much to make this event happen, it was Darrens idea and dream and they made it happen. Truly a huge effort and it is so organized its great. I just got eat and run which is easy. Can’t thank both of them enough. Now we all get to enjoy this trip.
I ran on and finished the day in a slow 6 hrs 15 mins but for a first day it was fine. My way is slow and steady and meet people so today was perfect.
We drove to Lindas house and showered up, chilled for a bit before we went out for dinner. What a dinner it was too, everything layer out and plenty of food for us all. It was Patricks and Netune’s birthdays today so we had a cake as well. Man was it good.
welcome sign happy birtdhay sign
cake Dinner everyone Dinner hosts Netune cake
Everyone being tired we shot home pretty quick after dinner and I can’t wait for tomorrow.   Thanks so much for your amazing support and I hope you like what is coming, Please follow and share to everyone around the world.
Heaps of photos up on Instagram – Jupbrown & also facebook – Jup brown. Please share and follow us .
#raceacrossusa # 100mileclub – their pages are same as this too. Tell the world
Nite everyone from the USA

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