Working at Mogul competion, All Japan championships.

Being back in Japan means Im at Hotel Listel and digging snow building a mogul course, I have been coming here for 7 years now and just love coming here. The job is pretty hard as we do it all by h and. The course is on a hill that is to steep for a groomer. The team here are an amazing group of guys, they work so hard and are happy doing it no matter what. Work hard and play hard.

This the course looking from the start.  Today was the first day of training, the snow was super spring soft conditions so it gets pretty smashed up . But the team sort it out and make it perfect again.
I have been busy talking to everyone I meet telling and asking them to get behind this run. Every one is super keen which is awesome, gives me heaps of energy and I just want to finish work so i can start getting myself ready. Still searching for a van to use, might a couple of drivers which is great. This run is a month longer than NZ so a bit more to sort out, But I are confident it will work, so not really worrying about it . it will happen.
Funny thing got a call from NB today and they are having trouble finding shoes big enough for me, Not many guys in Japan that have size 12 shoes which i kinda thought could happen but they are trying hard to find some, maybe gonna get them from USA or even maybe NZ.
Thats about it for the last few days, Better get some sleep for tomorrow, More digging to be done.

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