March 5th – Tokyo

Last night I got the late train into Tokyo from work. Had an early start today so thought I would get here last night.
I went out and it was pissing down, not the best for when you are wanting to do a lot of things and go here and there. First I had to get my phone and internet sorted. Had everything on a real low rate while I was back home in NZ.
Once I had that done I was off to meet the New Balance Japan team. I had a meeting with Toru san – great to sit down and explain what it is that I’m going to try to do, get them on the same page so we can make this happen. They will be getting me some new shoes and clothes sorted this week, and then get them to me early next week.

Then I went and saw Iida san and Domon san. They both had sponsored and helped me with my NZ run and I firstly wanted to say a huge thank you for that and also just to check if they were keen to keep it going and help with this run too. Both super keen which made my day even better. Both have a lot of contacts and so many ideas about how to get the word out to as many people as possible. Just how to get to the media and people is the one thing that will make this happen.
Iida san owns Foot Trainers – he makes insoles for all athletes, some who are very famous here in Japan. I have known him for a few years now after working together at the Mogul World cup held in Japan every year. Please check out his site at

Domon san has a company called Sev Sports. They have a range of products that help the flow of energy that helps you do everything in your life. They also have some great athletes who are doing amazing things in their sports. One has just been picked for the Olympics for the marathon. Congratulations Sev Sports.
Check their site out at

Then tonight I just walked around and watched Tokyo move as it does – always something to watch downtown in Shinjuku – then it was straight to have Sushi, I have been waiting for the last 3 months to get some awesome Japanese food into me. So cheap and so yummy. What do you think?

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