Last week's adventures

Well I was working at the All Japan Champs for mogul skiing… It was a good week. There was Abe, Kai Jun,Suzuki , Koji and Hirano as always, and then the Fukushima Jnr mogul team with Takano san the coach, with Mayumi at his side. The folks of the kids were there too to help out which was great to see. We had good weather up until the 1st day of the comp but then it was super foggy and snowing. As the Daffy course is so steep it makes it real hard for the judges to see the start from the bottom, so we were on hold half the day. Not good when it is freezing cold and not much to do.
After lunch it cleared enough for the ladies to get their run in, but only half the guys got through so their comp had to be cancelled.
The Champion of the day was the number 1 skier in Japan – Aiko Uemura. She had a great run and won. I have known Aiko for maybe 12 yrs now and she is an awesome lady who can ski amazingly. She has been to 4 Olympics and is looking at Russia to be No.5.
Here I am with Aiko and Osamu – two of my favourites out of the Japanese team, mainly because they have been there from when I first met them.

I was also lucky enough to meet a great family by the name of Kobayashi’s. They are a super-fit, fun family. Mum and dad are there every weekend digging snow for the boys to play in. Really was great to meet them. Thank you for your help to make the course.
Here are some shots of the course that I come and build every year. We had 15cms of fresh snow on the first day’s morning, which we had to get rid of before it started. This was the 7th year I have been here. I love coming back here to Hotel Listel Inawashiro in Fukushima. They have sponsored me and I have a work visa for the next 3 yrs.
The second day of the comp was the Dual moguls where 2 skiers go down the course at the same time. First down mostly wins unless they dont ski well. It was a super sunny day and everything went beautiful. A great day for everyone involved.
Thanks for another great year.

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