March 4th – Working on the mogul course

Well woke up to the wrong alarm today, was still set on Australian time so I was an hour earlier than I needed but it’s all good.
Today I had a full day up on the mountain digging snow getting the course ready for the comp this weekend, was such a beautiful day even if I was digging. Had a few of the ski instructors come out after lunch which was great, was only me and Kai san in the morning. So good to be back in the snow and mountains after 9 weeks in the red dirt of Port Hedl and Australia.
This the view from the top lift… it is so beautiful here, there is a big lake that we look over. It is also where we do the Mogul World Cup every year, one of the hardest courses on the circuit. It is one place I have spent a lot of hours on. Hard work but I have enjoyed every minute of it. Sorry about the funny edges, I was seeing how the 360 degree photo shot would go… I’ll do better next time.

Right now I’m on a train heading back to Tokyo to have a couple of meetings with some sponsors over the next 2 days. Will be great to put faces to the emails and try to get them real excited about what I’m going to try to do. Will make everything go that much smoother and hopefully they can help me get the word out.
Will be more to report tomorrow, exciting day for me. I love this part of the run, meeting new people.
Talk then,

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