March 3rd – Shinjuku to Inawashiro

Had a great sleep last night but no time to chill, I was up and on a Shinkansen (bullet train) and off to my work. I live in a  small town called Inawashiro. It is based around a lake and is in the mountains 3 hours north of Tokyo.
Arrived at 10.30, first thing to do was dig my van out of the snow so i could get to my gear. Board and gloves on I was off up the mountain to start helping with building the course for this week’s All Japan Mogul ski competition. I’m here almost every year to help with this job. We just dig snow all day and slowly a course appears, no machines used here as it is too steep. Good workout.
It is always awesome to be back here, the people that I work with are really nice. They are always working hard and trying to come up with ideas to make their hotel a fun place, especially now, as we are in Fukushima. It is safe as where we are but just the fact that we are in Fukushima is one thing that everyone is scared of. Hopefully it will slowly get better.
Sorry I didn’t get any photos today but will for sure tomorrow.
Was great to be able to start telling my Japanese friends about this run, too hard over the phone and when I tell them I can see in their faces if they think it will work. Getting some great responses and that makes me feel good. Would just have to come up with other ideas and think of ways to make them be interested if they weren’t as I’m doing this run no matter what and will make it happen somehow.
Well I’m real happy to be back and had better get some sleep as I have work tomorrow then back off to Tokyo to meet New Balance on Monday morning. No rest at all and just the way I want it to be.
See you tomorrow. I will be writing everyday from now.

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