The past week

Hi everyone, Sorry I havent written, I have been trying to chill a bit and go see everyone that I have been so lucky to have supporting me along the way,
I got back to Wanaka ( home) on saturday and I have been enjoying catching up and talking to everyone , havent had a chance to play golf yet which is one thing I really want to do but still got tomorrow, One last day as I are off to Australia . I will fly to Christchurch tomorrow night and then to Brisbane on thursday morning. Really looking forward to seeing my Aussie family which has some of my best mates in it.
Since I have been in Wanaka I have caught up with my dad and Lyn who are stoked to have me home but with me comes lots of gear so today when I finally got my shit sorted and they got their house clean and back again they looked a bit happier. Sorry about that.
We had a bbq on sunday evening which was great, weather held almost long enough but was great to have everyone over ,Wayne and Jan from Aspiring Photography and Design who had made our website also came , so great to catch up again after 2 months, they did so much work helping my idea look like something right from the start . I cant thank them enough and their staff for believing in me when I had nothing at all to show.
Rick came up also and we did some final work with the footage, he then cruised up Mt Aspiring valley to chill in the hills, today returning shinky but looking refreshed which was great to see. We then had a interview with the ODT newspaper which should be out on Saturday this week. Great to have him in it with me as he has been behind the lens and driving wheel and without him I would still have been running and pushing the van along I reckon.
I have been packing as well for my trip to aussie to work , thinking way to far ahead as well and packing for going to Japan for a bit of winter too , of course no ticket or idea of when I will go but in my world that is enough to pack for.  I know I will be there soon. Miss it to much not too.
I hear you asking if i have been for a run, well no not at all, I was a dickhead and packed all my shoes up in the boxes in Tauranga so when I got home I had a pair of j andles only, but they arrived yesterday so all good now, I kinda want to go for a little run but not to stressed about it, Just need to move really, the body is so use to running now that I find t hard to sit for a long time , anything over 5 mins to be honest, wont be breaking any records but will keep moving, gotta keep this fitness so I can get straight into something else, I are thinking hard of it now,
Thats about it for the last week, meeting people, thanking them, enjoying the smiles from everyone, also finding out just how many people didnt really think I would make it and lets be honest I didnt either, but to see and hear how happy they were when I did made me feel real special and my smile is just getting bigger( if that is possible). Thanks to everyone again for your continued support, Sorry I didnt get any photos but will go out finding some interesting places and do some things and write more soon,

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