The last 2 days since we finished

Hi everyone, First of all I would like to say ¬†HUGE THANKYOU to everyone who has written in and wished us congrats. You wouldn’t believe how happy I are at the moment.
I have been super busy with interviews which has been fun, So lucky to get this much attention and keep being able to get the awareness out there for the Stroke Foundation.
The next morning we had a live chat with the Rock radio station down at their studio which was great fun, then several newspapers and radio interviews around the country, just ones I had talked to before but it was so great that they came back and had been following us all the way along, Thankyou all so much for your continued support because with out it wouldn’t have worked this well.
Then I got to chill a bit yesterday evening which was when I started to feel lonely, why you might say well I have had so much fun and enjoyed meeting so many people along the way , then hangin with Rick for 10 weeks cruising around our beautiful NZ on a road trip was super fun . We saw and experienced so many things and times together and then to be sitting in a  nice hotel in Auckl and by myself was a little lonely.
SO in true me form I started thinking of what I could do next, Yeah I do it every time just as I get home from my last trip I find myself st anding in front of the Flight Centre looking at flights away again. So today was no different but now I had a bit more meaning to why I was thinking of going somewhere this time.
Next time I think I will get more sports activity’s involved and mix it up a bit. You know in stead of just running or biking why not do them all. Maybe a trip to other country doing something or helping some one would be fun I reckon. Of course getting as many people to be apart of it would be the only way to do it as the energy and awesome feelings and help you get is something that everyone should experience. I will never lose that good feeling and hope I can give back what I got out of this trip up NZ.
Then today I went to see Thonia who had crossed the line with me on the final day. Thonia had her rehab today and had invited me and rick dog to come see and meet everyone there. It was great, to see what she is having to do just to be able to get back doing the smallest of things and the determination she was putting into the moves and exercises was awesome. You can see why it takes so long and a great rehab team of nurses and family are so important to help make this happen, Can’t thankyou enough Thonia for being apart of our run in so many ways. Love to you and your amazing family, Will miss you all but we will meet again for sure.
I then dropped in to New Balance to say a huge thankyou to Dean, jacqui and the team in Auckl and who had helped with the finish and getting the kayaks for me to paddle over the harbour. Bryce and Paul were awesome and got me over there in super time and safley and I had such a great time doing it. Thanks boys.
Oh we were lucky and got on Close up last night for the second time, if you didnt see it the link is
Then this morning we made the breakfast show, Just a short interview but it was fun.
I went to get some fruit tonight at the supermarket and I had the strangest thing happen, 3 people came up and talked to me as if I was some famous person, I quickly said hi I’m just jup and please dont get to excited but super thankyou for taking the time to come say hi. We when had a chat about our run and it was great to see there faces and smiles that come ¬†out from our chat. With all your help we have made a story and this mission has been great to alot of different people. I are so happy that I tryed to do this run. Thankyou so much
Tonight I went t have dinner at Matt Chisholms hut  with him,Amber , Nick and Nicola and some friends, Great feed cheers Jed and Amber and just nice to chill and talk about things that happened along the run, There was so many different things that happened in making this run happen and even just get off the ground, so many people involved in one way or another which was super special in so many ways. To have Nick in Auckl and was great, to see him and his bro Matt chillin here was something they thought might not happen for a ong time but thanks to Mum and Gary in Christchurch it came true, BIg thanks to you both for making this happen.
I then said my good byes and we joked as we talked of what is next but in my mind I are already thinking of what to do and where we can go to do this in a different yet same happy smiling way as I think this is something I would like to do for a long time to come. When you try tohelp others you are also helping yourself at the same time. To much fun not to do. WIll write again in a couple of days as not as much going on but still little happening. sweet dreams all. Love ya

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