Running Japan, a new start for everyone

Well, we are into it again and I am so excited about this adventure. I think we will have tears, pain and lots of smiles even though the language and culture will be different. But I know one thing for sure – that you will fall in love with Japan and its people like I have over the last 18 years. They are like no others, shy on top and very hard working, yet super friendly and amazingly honest and would do anything for anyone. On this run of 4100km from Okinawa in the south to Wakkanai in the north, I hope to show you that… and a heap more.
I will start my run on April 1st 2012 and it will take about 85 – 90 days. That is 80 days of running with a few rest days and other days I will spend volunteering along the coast that was hit and damaged by the tsunami of 2011 – possibly the biggest tsunami to hit the world.
Join me along the way via this blog and the photos and videos I will post. Write me with wishes I can then pass on to our friends in Japan. Tell your friends about it and together lets do something special.
I’m right into getting this run off the ground now and would love everyone’s support to make it something that we can all say we were a part of, even from your own home and country… The world is a small place with millions of people out there that need help and people who want to help.
I look forward to meeting you all and getting your emails of support for this FUN little adventure that I’m really looking forward to starting.
Thank you everyone!

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