Day 9 – Cromwell to Shingle Creek

Today’s run was another big one – 57km. Started off in the beautiful sunshine. Greg and his kids came down to see us off – Thank you so much for your support.
Down along Lake Dunstan was nice and then at the first rest stop you can see me getting into stretches as the body is a bit tight early on. Mike B was there giving me tips.
Just at the top on Clyde Hill my uncle Andrew and his bro Kevin came and joined me on their bikes to ride down into Alex. I didn’t know they were coming and it was a great surpise. SO good to have them there to have a chat to and fade the kms away.
We had some lunch at the Monteiths Ale House were the ladies came out and said hi and donated some money. Awesome Beef Salad and orange juice was my choice to get me through the arvo.
Then 10km from the end of the day we stopped into the Speargrass Cafe. They gave us a free coffee and muffins which got us to the end. Thank you so much.
Once out of Alex andra the rocks appear and the views change. Not much out there but some stunning clouds and endless seeming roads. More hills that were testing me as I was a little tired, but kept going and made it. Mike Brett, who is here for a few days helping Rick in the van, came out and did a good 12km with me which helped heaps. Just takes your mind off the hills or long roads.
Rick is a legend and is there and keen as. Keeps me going and as you can see the photos he is taking are just capturing our trip perfectly. Cheers bro!
Another big day tomorrow, so home to stay at my Uncle Andrew and Val’s house in Alex with ice on the ankles to get them ready again for tomorrow. Thank you everyone who came up and said hi and donated.
Today’s Route – Zoom out to see where I ran…

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