A busy week so far

Well what a busy yet fun week. We have been busy getting the logo design ready for the tshirts and van. I never knew how much work goes into doing this. Lots of tries, moving logos here and there, then it all comes together. I loved watching the way Rachel and Sean can work their PC’s. If only I could do 1/4 of that I would get things done so much faster.
I spent half a day pulling the stickers off the van yesterday and cleaning it up so the new ones can go on. I can’t wait to see them all finished.
Have had a few small runs and feeling great, will get a couple more before we head south to get started.
Yesterday morning I met up with Charlotte from the Wanaka Sun newspaper and we had a chat about whats been happening this last month or so and she is doing a little story in the paper which is great just to let everyone know. Thanks to Charlotte and the Wanaka Sun.
Today I was having a coffee with Simone (super awesome athlete) and my mate Pahly from WA in Aussie walks around the corner, so surprised and happy to see him. Him and Rambo are over for a week snowboarding. Great to see you boys!!!!

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