New Zeal and Honey Company

The other night I went and caught up with a couple of mates and was calling Scotty about how everything was going and he told me about the company he works for – The New Zeal and Honey Co. Scott was saying about their Honey Health drinks and how they are so good for you and all natural . So I went out a bought a bottle to try… Oh yeah they are good! There are Lemon Honey and Blackcurrant Honey favours. They’re super tasty. Both great as they are high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants.
I have since met Peter Ward and Jason Walker at New Zeal and Honey Co and they are going to give us their support for our mission, I’m stoked and feel real lucky to have them on board. Please check their products out at…  New Zeal and Honey Co Website
You will see what I mean by delicious.

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