Day 107 , Sweet start , rainy middle and made it to Sheridan

Time to ride again and I got off at 7am after a great breakfast made by Nadine, I said a huge thankyou and good bye to Stephen and Nadine, They did so so much for me. Great to see you again too bro.
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I was heading to Salam to hopefully see a school that does the 100 Mile club, I headed out of the city along side the river and the sunrise was so beautiful. Teams rowing down the river. Lots of people cycling into work along the trails. Took me a while to get out as I kept taking photos.
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I found a few things today, First I found a patch of clovers and when ever I do I try to find a 4 leaf one. I find them a lot and YES today I did too. Did you know that if you find one that there will be more right around the same area. I said thanks to the universe for showing me and giving me more good luck.
I also found this little man/head. I think it’s a Oregon Ducks one. Pretty cool.
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Most of the day I was on 99 heading south and then I turned out towards the Coast . Out to Newport and then down to Coos Bay. I made it to Sheridan about 35 miles from the ocean.
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I had a bad day on the bike side as my tires keep going down. The back tire especially but I couldn’t find a hole. My trailer tire also went down and found one there. Got it sorted in the end but still a mystery.
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I only got 70 miles done today but its all good. I found this big pad dock and a nice spot in the trees so set up here just off the road. Another day done and feeling good. Just gotta keep pedaling and Smiling and Ill be there soon.
Thanks again to Stephen and Nadine xx

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