Day 112, Putnam. A trail that showed me how tried I must be

A warm start as I left my last nights home at the Saint Peters church, Huge thank you to Father Perry for putting me up. I was feeling pretty good and excitement in my mind fuelling my body to get this day going well from the start.
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It was really hot today and I reckon if I didnt have so much tree cover I would have slowed down, I was drinking water like crazy and lost count of how many houses I stopped at asking for more. Got to meet some really nice people doing it and they all helped me out.
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I did 34.7 miles today but not before struggling big time with this beautiful trail I got to spend 14 miles on and to be honest it took everything I had to come out the end of it. I knew I was tried but today I found out just how much. I was tripping over everything, falling sideways losing my balance and just so slow on anything that wasn’t flat like the road. I loved being off the road and in the nature and normally I would be cruising along but not today it was my worst nightmare in there. Sorry beautiful trail I’ll come back and enjoy you when I feel strong again.
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Along the trail I meet Dean, he was working with his bro on making the trail wider, Super friendly guy thanks for having a chat .
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I made it to Putnam and into the hotel and just sat there for a hour wanting to shower but just needed to rest, I thought of the whole trip and it made me happy and repowered me right up and excited for tomorrow. Today around lunch time I sa a post that Pat had made it to the Boston marathon start line, It made me smile big time well done bro. Enjoy your day off and frisbee gold while I get my kiwi butt to that line so I can line up with you and finish this baby off together. 32 miles and Ill be there now I know I can do that !
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