Day 93 -Day Off, Day 94 Lots of rain and made Marion

Day 93 – Day off in Bristol.
I decided last minute to take the day off as I had done 12 days straight. I did nothing but look at maps of the final route to Boston and counting miles and days. I love checking maps and it was exciting to think we are getting so close. Pat more so as he is 4-5 days ahead of me. Not much else apart from watching a few movies and sleeping a bit.
Day 94 – Heaps of rain and Made it to Marion.
Luckly it wasn’t raining straight away as the weather report had said and I got to get a few miles in not being wet. I went through a few small towns and begin sunday also not a lot of traffic which was good as there wasn’t much shoulder to play with.
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There is a lot of history around here which is fun to read about, Lots of the Info boards telling all about what happened , most of it was back in the 1700’s. The towns I went through were super nice and old too which was nice.
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Day 211
With all the rain I didn’t get the camera out much as my touch wouldn’t work on the screen sorry. I got 38 miles in today which was good as I got 2 flat tires in 100m today which made me not happy for 30 minutes until I laughed at myself for being upset over nothing.
Day 24 Day 210
Pat has made a finish date which is awesome, May 9th in Boston, He is going to run the Boston Marathon course first and then hit the ocean to finish. More info on joining him is at our Run With Us America Facebook page. If you are any where close please get down there. I so wish I could be there .

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