Day 87, Rockwood, Huge Treehouse and Magical waterfall

A great nights sleep and I was packed and out on the road at 7am, Sun out ,fresh air and a smile on I was off heading for Rockwood which would gave me 36 miles for the day.
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A couple of days ago I had been talking to a couple and told them my route, they told me about a treehouse in Crossville which had been made by a priest and is suppose to big one of if not the biggest in the world. I copied this for you to read
“As he tells the story, in 1993, Minister Horace Burgess was praying when god told him, “If you build a tree house, I’ll see that you never run out of material.” Inspired by this vision of god, the quiet minister set out to build the largest treehouse in the world.
Located just outside of Crossville, Tennessee, the 97-foot-tall tree house and church is supported by a still-living 80-foot-tall white oak tree with a 12-foot diameter base, relying on six other oaks for support.
For fourteen years, Minister Burgess has been adding to the tree house, spending only $12,000 and never running out of material. Over that time, the treehouse has grown to truly monumental proportions, and the Minister may have already achieved his goal of building the world’s largest treehouse. Currently, his treehouse is 90 feet tall, said to contain 80 rooms, and stretch up to five stories, complete with a church and a bell tower. The bell tower at the top of the treehouse is equipped with oxygen acetylene bottles that, repurposed as bells, chime daily.
In true southern style, every story is fully surrounded by a deck. And there are no “Private Property,” “Stay Off the Grass,” or “No Climbing” signs: Burgess say the treehouse is god’s house and everyone is welcome.
To that end, there are only two signs to be found: “Welcome” and “No Smoking” which, for a house of timber, makes sense. Despite some trouble with v andals, the Minister has kept the treehouse open and in fantastic and ever-improving condition. From the top — which one must be rather brave to attempt climbing to — one can see the word “Jesus” spelled out in flora on a nearby field.”
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I was coming up the road after climbing over the fence to get in past the do not enter signs thinking man this is awesome, I followed a family in .
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Once inside it is a maze of hallways and staircases, really amazing. 5 floors high.
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I went all the way to the top into the bell room.
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Then is was back to the route for the day, I had taken a 4 mile side track to go see the treehouse but so worth it. Then I four the Ozone falls that Vanessa and Shacky had told me about, So beautiful here, wish I could have camped here but it was a bit early to stop.
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I meet some friendly people today and had a chat with them, First couple here filled my water bottles for me and donated to 100 MC thank you so much, Second shot here was a family who were out on a trip after there friend had just gotten married yesterday, The whole wedding had come out to the waterfalls. Great to meet you all.  I also has a donation from the family I was in the treehouse with, They had gone out earlier than me and I found the money later. Thanks so much.
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Just some more shots from today. It was a big afternoon of downhill which was nice and I headed up in Rockwood town very tired after a long day so treated myself to a hotel to relax in. I had been out there for almost 12 hours today with all my stops and chatting but a good day.
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