Day 84, Watertown, narrow roads but a nice day out

A beautiful morning as I headed out of Nashville into the rush of traffic coming into the city, I past this lake first up and it set a nice mood in my head as I battled with little or no shoulder.
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So I wanted to show you the shoulder on the road, It can go from this big wide one on a larger road and hone on the next 3 photos go right down to nothing and running with the buggy I stock out a hell of a lot , I do feel a bit bad as everyone thinks I have a baby inside and they stop quickly and hold up traffic more, sorry everyone.
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It was a nice road today with rolling hills not to big and lots to look at.
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More shots
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I wasn’t feeling good in the stomach this morning for some reason and took a rest at this Wall of Honor, it was in he middle of nowhere. I really hate wars and don’t really underst and why or who makes the calls and I just wish everyone could stay at where ever it is they want to be and live happy and not be a name on a wall.
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I found this little guy today, I got to about 2m from him before he took off and as he ran away he tripped over himself, it was pretty funny.
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I did 32.7 miles today and made it to Watertown, Not a big place . I was hoping to get a little further down the path but decided to rest here. I got my food all stocked up and will sleep well. I caught these two shots right as the sun set. Another day done and a few miles closer to Boston.
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