Day 68 – Crossing the Mississippi River, Thankyou Arkansas

Today was a exciting day as we were finishing off Arkansas and crossing the Mississippi River, A huge mile stone. The day started off nice and warm and we got off early heading into the sunrise. Passing through little towns and past lots of farms.
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I finally found some cotton which was still on the tree, I was wondering how it grew. There is so much water and river in this area and I was getting excited to see the Mississippi. Wondering how big it would be knowing how much rain has fallen.
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The last town before we hit the bridge was Lake Village and the lake there use to be apart of the Mississippi but they cut it off when they made the levee. A nice little town with some nice houses right on the water front and most places had their own getty.
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pats river shot
Time to say good bye and thank you to Arkansas the Natural state, one last fish mail box and yep it was another relation of mine Rex brown haha
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From about 5 miles away I could see the bridge and that told me that the river must be huge, Pat had already made it there and was waiting for me so we could cross together , poor man had to wait about a hour as I wasn’t moving fast at all today, sorry bro. Vanessa also came out to ride her bike and then walked/ran across the bridge with us. It was huge and long and the river was HUGE. I did want to swim it as Rob the marathonmanUk wasn’t here with his blow up mattress but when I saw it I reckon that was a good thing. We might not have stopped before we hit the ocean. The river was moving so fast.
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We thought the river was the border but about a mile after it was this magic sign. Hell yeah we had done another one,We did 32.6 miles today. Arkansas wasn’t big and only took us 6 days but we meet some really nice people and got both rain and sunshine, I got to shot a bow and arrow and get a huge bruise on my arm but we had a great time. Thanks so much to everyone who helped us here. You are legends.
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We Were getting put up by a couple from Couch surfing and while we waited for them to come home we hit up this little park right next to their house. A really cool little place to chill. Some cool ponds with amazing trees and bushes growing in them. As you can see we had a fun time in there. There was a pole that had water levels from all the times the Mississippi flooded from right back in 1911, it was maybe 15 meters above where we were st anding, I reckon the whole town was under, amazing to see how many times the big floods had come through.  Scary place to live.
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So sorry for late post I was sorting a few things out. Total mileage up until today is 1855 miles in 68 days from the start with maybe 10 or so days off. Bring on the next states.

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