Day 55- Sunshine, good bye Dallas, Pool & massage

Overcast start but warm so we were happy and the thought of running through the city I was excited to have a few things to look at. But the sidewalk wasn’t there for most of the day which meant we were searching for safe places to run when the traffic was thick on the roads. Jumping on and off the roads, soft grass and lots of ups and downs played on my ankles and we were both feeling it most of the run.
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We do well to keep each others Spirits up and then our super crew are always happy and smiling when we drop in. We must have past 400 restaurants today while we ran down Belt St which was cool but made me think of food all day long. Man there are a lot of different foods in this country.
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About half in we stopped the Northwood Hills Elementary school which I had hoped to be able to talk with the kids but this week is Spring break so everyone is off on holiday. This school is the school that My sponsor and dear friend Nigel’s kids go too. So we went anyway and got a couple of shots. Sorry the timing was off kids. Ill come back when we finish the run.
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The sun was bright and warm this arvo which was great, Pat ‘s shirt was off and my sunnies were on as we cruised our way though the streets.  We took our time and both had to stop to sort little pains out that keep poping up but we just slow it down or walk when needed so are always able to keep going no matter what.
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It happened again- yep I went down in a trip today which made me laugh. I have fallen over in NZ , Japan and now USA, right from this morning I had been banging into beaches and tripped a little but this wire thingy got me good and down I went. Lucky I was on the grass and I was fine but it was bloody funny.
Day 262
While we are out running the crew Shacky, vanessa and pets are out enjoying where we are, Ginger getting a lot of parks in today while pussy cat sleeps another day away. Shacky also finding some cool things to get photos of.
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We finished by running out of the Dallas area and over this really LONG bridge which got us into Rockwall on the east side of Dallas. We went from one side to the other of Dallas today. Great to be on this side of Dallas and we hit the 1500 mile mark today. A few more days and we are half way there. Its a huge happy feeling to look at the map and see how far we have come and we both had that feeling today when you think of it and how far we have come in such a short time. Great to have Pat, Shacky Vanessa and all of you to share this adventure with. Thankyou so much
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another god day for finding things on the road and this little Dinosaur was my favourite today.
Day 21
This is the map of pretty much where we have run so far.
Another day to run tomorrow and a special guest arriving which Im excited about. Who is it.
Thanks to JDK for putting us up in a awesome hotel tonight in Rockwall, Spa and in door pool was just what we needed after todays run. I even stopped in a had a massage which was awesome. Thankyou so much to Nigel for supporting us so much and also to Janis for getting all the hotels sorted for us. x
We did 34.4miles today.

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