Stage 9 – day 10

Hi everyone 9th marathon today and it went well.
We woke and packed up camp and were out the door at 6.45am, it was a 1 hr drive to the start of marathon. This is the biggest drive we have had yet. Not really what you want after running day after day and sitting in a car for that long the legs get a bit tight but as soon as we get out you wake up.
I love the feeling of starting another day of a big adventure and seeing the others getting ready it makes me excited. 8am and off we went. The road today was again straight and long, as far as you could see the road went never getting closer.
Day 21  Day 22
I caught up with Chris and we ran together again today. Along the way we found a bird so we picked him up and named him MILES as we are running so many miles. We strapped him onto Chris’s backpack and ran on.
Day 217  Day 25
chris & miles stage 9
we caught up with others along the way
Day 210 jup chris stage 9 jup chris alfa stage 9 for the kids- bryce jessica samatha bryce stage 8
I also got to meet Julia who was traveling with her man across California from Germany. was awesome to meet them.
Day 212
This old building lead us to the Shoe fence which reminded me of home.
Day 218 Day 221 Day 224 Day 220
We did 26.6 again and me and Chris came in the same as yesterday 5hrs 16 mins. Great to be able to keep the same pace everyday. One more day tomorrow and California is done, yep 10 marathons. yahoo.
We went out for pizza which was nice. ate heaps and now time to sleep. Thanks to Ultra Gam for being our Sponsor of the day again today.
Sweet dreams all.

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