28th March – Okinawa

I had a 10am flight which meant I would have the day to cruise around and check out Naha a bit. Okinawa is one of the lowest isl ands in Japan, known for its beautiful beaches and nice weather. It is summer here when it is dumping snow in the North in Hokkai do. Amazing to have the 2 different climates in one country.
As you can see from here it is going to be amazing and I’m going to be running alongside that the whole time I’m here.
Once I had arrived I got my rental car and headed for my backpackers. I am staying at Kerama Guest house. They are so friendly here, lots of info and right in the centre of Naha it is a great place to stay.
I had been introduced to Akiko though a friend Rieko in Tokyo. Akiko lives here and has been busy telling everyone about our run. So stoked for this as I know no-one and nothing about Okinawa. Akiko rang me and invited me to their own Guest house which was an hour or so drive north of Naha. It was amazing, so beautiful and so relaxing. They have a cafe as well but this place is called Daisy’s Howdy Guest House. Check it out, they’ve even got a big BBQ. Awesome little bar and so nice inside. Huge thanks to Akiko and Ko chan for letting me stay and the awesome dinner, and also for introducing me to a lot of locals who have just taken me in and are helping get things going here. x
Forgot to show you the awesome sunset I saw on the way there.
We had a few beers and then I had to leave and get some sleep. I had another big day planned as I wanted to drive he whole course I will run here in Okinawa.

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