Day 57 – Rest day and drive to Cape Reinga

We stayed at the “Heritage Hotel ” last night which our Vodafone team hooked us up with. It was so nice and I can’t say thank you enough to Graham, Kim and Samatha. You all rock.
I got up and went for a walk down on the waterfront to check out where I was going to finish and run on the last day. Graham and team Vodafone have been busy sorting out a place and I just wanted to get a route sorted so Nick can come with me on his bikes. I am so excited about him being here for the finish.
We set off to drive to Te Kao which is 45km south of Cape Reinga. It is a beautiful drive and takes a lot longer than I thought it would. We cruised up road in no real hurry. We arrive in Te Kao at 7pm to our new home for the next 2 days. Irene owns the place and she is great, she welcomed us and showed us around.
I want to send a big thank you to Rick as his Opa (gr anddad) passed away last night and he is still here with me. I didn’t expect him to stay at all but he is. Legend bro. I send out my love to Rick and his family. RIP Opa. Rick will shoot down to the funeral on Wednesday and Thursday.
If there is anyone out there that could come up and meet me to help out on those days please drop me a line or call me on 02108296699.

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