Day 33 – Rest day in Paraparaumu

Has been a while since we left Kaikoura after our last day off and now in the North Isl and it feels super good to chill here. Didn’t have to much planned and it was raining.
We had an interview with 2 local newspapers and also one thanks to my old school friend Charlotte from Wanaka. Char now lives in New York and they rang and did an interview with me for their paper. I was so stoked when Char emailed. It will hopefully get the word out and help with our World Run on Oct 29th for World Stroke Day. Thanks Charlotte and Kristen.
Then we headed back into Welington to get a new cast on my thumb, but with a 2 hour wait I said I’m fine, I’ll go the stinky arm for a bit longer thank you.
So we got my favourite food Sushi and headed to the National Stoke office to see Mark and Fraser and the ladies there. Great to catch up for a quiet talk.
Then we were at RUN THE RED office to say hi and put a face to the friendly team on the phone. They have done an awesome job getting our text line sorted for the donation line. Super fun team and great to work with. Check them out for this kinda thing and they do heaps of other things too…
Cheryl from Run The Red, her sister is doing an awesome trip at the moment in Europe, she is travelling around on a bicycle but you all vote to where she goes next. Super awesome idea and I want to hurry up and get to the top so I can join her, sounds super fun and just how I like to travel. Check her out on
That Text line again is: Text the word STROKE to 5339, easy $3 donation, tell everyone please.
Then we caught up with a couple of Rick’s mates and work buds who were making magic with movies and allsorts. Saw Iain from Splashroom Media, we first met when I met Rick.
Then back to our awesome motel in Raumati Beach. I’ll get a photo up tomorrow. We don’t want to leave here. Tom and Heather here at the Raumati S ands Resort have kindly donated our 2 nights here, super lucky.
Just chilled tonight and thinking of our new day tomorrow, hope the sun will come to see us. Got a group running with me tomorrow which is great. Mel will be coming the whole day which will be great, I think she is a bit of a gun runner so I’ll have to slow her down I think.
Thanks everyone for all your letters, am trying to get emails back to you, sorry didn’t get them today, I was lost in the city. xx

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