Day 27 – Ward to Blenheim

Big day today, fun day too. Last night we were donated our room by the East Coast Inn in Ward, they do a great meal there too. We started at 8am and headed off to do our 50km. On the first big hill we hit, the boys were planting new bushes and I jumped in and did one with them – was good to have a break halfway up the hill too.
Then after 10kms we hit Sed don and met the kids at the local Primary school. They were so excited and we had a great run together around the grounds with everyone and the pet lamb, and then 10 of the best runners at morning exercise were able to come run up the road with me for a bit. Thank you so much for making me smile and giving me energy.
Today we climbed some hills and then some more but when we got to the top we got the views and a nice cruise down the other side.
We had had a email from David at the Riverl ands school just short of Blenheim to ask if we could stop by, and of course I said yes. As I got closer, not really knowing where I was going, but I started to hear cheering and as I looked to the left I found half the school all lined up at the fence cheering GO JUP GO. At the time I was in some pain in my right leg but it disappered and I got a so much power from them all. They ran along the fence line with me until I got to the corner where the other half of the school were waiting with this great sign. We had a little chat and they asked some great questions. Thank you all so very much for your super welcome.
I was only 8km from the end of the day but wasn’t running too well so stopped in for a coffee here at the Argosy Cafe and they donated our coffees and muffins, thank you so much.
Then we had a 4pm meeting back in Blenheim with Vyvienne Dunlop who has been amazing. She has organised so many things for us on this leg. Everything from homestays in other towns, and tonight staying in her own house, to our great welcome we got here in Blenheim. Vyvienne was on a scooter and her Gr anddaughter Britz on her rollerblades escorted us to meet the Mayor.
Alistair Sowman the Mayor of Marlbourgh was there to greet us along with 15 others who had came to say hi. So great to have this after a long yet fun day.
Then before we were out for dinner it was back to the hospital to get another cast on the h and. Cut the old blue one off and got a new black one. The first one I had cut down but this one has to stay long. Got to protect the thumb they say.
At 7pm we were down at the “A Love Affair Cafe and Wine Bar” to have a dinner that was put on for us. 32 people came to meet us which made this day even more special. A great dinner was had and a huge thank you to Jack Love and his staff for making us feel at home.
We were also lucky and got a $400 donation which is huge. I really enjoyed talking to everyone and sharing our trip with them.
As always me and Rick have been looked after amazingly and I will never forget what Blenheim has done for us. Thank you Vyvienne and everyone.
Today’s Route – Zoom out to see where I ran…

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