Wednesday 17th August

Had a great talk with the donation text line guys and it looks a go which will be great.
Then I went off and met up with Rachel at Apparel Wanaka, she is designing our t-shirts and hoodies and they look awesome. Just got a couple of things to sort and we can get them made up.
Tonight I was skyping a friend Emi in Japan and she was telling me about a 24 hour charity they do on TV every year, heaps of starsĀ come together and they do lots of different things over the 24 hrs. They also run for that time too – check it out at the below links, first one is english and other one has heaps of photos.
It’s all about everyone coming together and being one and having FUN, that’s what I’m trying to do too and I think we can do that for 69 days – show the world what NZ can do.
I had a great run again today, got 26kms in which was nice.
What will come along tomorrow, can’t wait to see. Good night all

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