The big smoke of Tokyo

Today I left Inawashiro with my boss Kai and we drove to Tokyo. It took just on 4 hours with a stop in the middle were we found the best bakery tht had still hot and fresh raisin bread.Soooooo good.
Then once in Tokyo went to meet Iida san at sui dobashi at his work Foot Trianers.
Iida san has been busy the last couple of weeks and has organized a few meetings with some companys that are keen to help us make this run up NZ super special.
A huge Thankyou to Iida san for his help and to Mrs Naoko Kojima who has takin things one step more and introduced our run to everyone.I will finally get to meet Naoko san next week which Im really looking forward to .
This evening meet up 2 great friends Toshi and Ryu and had dinner together. I havent seen the boys for a year since we traveled together to Europe and Africa last july.
I just love catching up and talking of old and new plans, cheers guys!!!

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