Nepal School Research Trip

IMG_7269 I boarded the plane with little more than the name of the village and a friends sons name but I couldn’t have been more happy. I was off to Nepal for my second time but this time it was to help others not go to Everest Bas camp to run a marathon.
This trip wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone to the Everest Marathon back in 2010. Thats where I met Pancha, Kamal, P ande and the team. Pancha was my main sherpa and we got to know each other very well. This same week it was the 50th Aniversary for the first school Sir Edmond Hillary had built and it got me thinking I’d like to build one one day. As I ask questions about costs etc Pancha told me about his village in a remote valley and that the school was falling down and needed help. I looked at him and said one day I will come back and together we will help your school. A promise I have kept for 7 years.
I spent the first few days in Kathm andu walking around and checking out the less visited areas. I love to chat to locals and spending all day lost in happiness. Without me knowing my good friend Kamal had organized me a guide named Kanccha to take me on the journey to the Sheer Hunga lower school.  It was a 4 day trip , 2 in a jeep and 2 walking as there are no roads where I was going. That excited me even more.
IMG_7275 IMG_7283 Once past the ski field boundary signs I walked the ridge line and you could make out the top, A little snow still around which just added to the magic. I was in my happy place and loving every second. I only saw one person the whole way until I reached the summit 3.5hrs after I had set off. Alone at the top and almost no wind I couldn’t think of any other place I’d rather be in the world at that moment. Mt Baldy had put it on for me. Thankyou Universe.
IMG_7285 DCIM100GOPROG0042780. DCIM100GOPROG0092935. DCIM100GOPROG0062826. IMG_7291 As I sat there a couple of people popped out of other trails and we chatted a bit while we ate food and got ready to go down. I team up with a couple of guys as I wasn’t sure of where to go after seeing a lot more snow on the other side. This side was way steeper and more of a challenge which I liked after my nice cruise up the ridge. More snow meant for a bit of fun sliding down, More people too as it was later in the morning now which I enjoyed saying hi to everyone. People are so friendly in the mountains and I dream of it everyday I walk in a city, a big reason I say hello to everyone I make eye contact with.
DCIM100GOPROGOPR2967. IMG_7318 DCIM100GOPROGOPR2964. DCIM100GOPROGOPR2975. IMG_7329 Once down I said bye to the boys and thanked them for helping me and sharing stories. Nothing better than connecting with new friends and spending time getting to know them. As I still had a couple of days I decided to head off to Joshua Tree National park which was about 2 hrs drive away. I’d been through the area in 2015 but hadn’t gone into the park. I found a camp ground for the night and set up my tent to then just sit and enjoy the sunset over the desert while sipping a hot brew of miso soup. Not much else makes me more happy than this feeling of having nothing to do but be in this moment. As I sat there a couple came over and asked if I had fuel for their stove which they had had trouble finding at the shops. Feeling sad I couldn’t help I told them to bring their stuff over and cook on my stove which they did and we chatted away in the evening telling stories or trips around the world and places to check out tomorrow in Joshua Tree NP.
Day 3 Sun was out and hot early on which was awesome. I’d noticed that the camp ground was packed last night and after asking around found out it was a long weekend and the national parks were free. No wonder everyone was here. aye. I didn’t really expect what I saw next and I don’t mean the beauty of Joshua tree NP but the millions of cars and people coming through the park. I thought I was in a city haha. I did manage to find a few spots that no one was around and loved just being in this amazing place sitting on a rock taking it all in.
DCIM100GOPROGOPR2985. DCIM100GOPROGOPR2994. DCIM100GOPROGOPR3000. IMG_7349 DCIM100GOPROGOPR3036. If you have never been to Joshua tree you had better get going, Such a magic peaceful place and so many places to explore, climb, take the kids or just chill out in. I spent the day w andering around, climbing small rocks and then just chilling thinking of other adventures I have planned for the future. What a list it is becoming and I can’t wait to connect them all and start. One big one way adventure around the world with no plans and the want to explore and share everything with you from the amazing people to the beautiful places I pass through. After these last few days I was feel great, recharged and excited again. I have been on a mission to pay the bills of my last adventure in north America so I can get back out in our world to do more. What’s next you may be thinking well I have just started a project to rebuild a school in Nepal and the fundraising side has begun. To start something can be hard but the feeling of getting something out of your head and onto paper then to share it with others is something so special and powerful. You hear it a lot but dreams can come true and do happen so if you have one get them out there and watch the magic start. #Spreadthewool + #aloeupsunscreen = go #exploreyourplayground with Happy feet in #point6socks Jup

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