Leh ,day 5,6,7 , Half Marathon day

For the last couple of days I went for a couple of walks and runs but nothing to big, Then on the 29th we had the Half and full marathon. It was a fun day out and most of us went in the half. But to run at 3300m is not easy but we were just out to stretch the legs really. It was my first official half marathon so i was happy .
We started at 6am and the course went though the town square and down for the first half but then it was all up hill ,not steep but it made you breath hard. I really enjoyed it as it was the kind of hill I had run so many of in NZ and Japan and I really wanted to see if i could run it here at attitude. I could.
Kier got best dress up in her rainbow dress ,just awesome . there was also a Japanese runner Sato san in the full and he was in the lead for the whole way until the last 8 kms then Malcom from Engl and who was in the zone passed him and took the win, It was a really fun morning and everyone Crew included got in and run.
I did a 2hr 9min half so was stoked.
Some other shots of around town from when I had been out on the other days.
the Main gate into Leh, We will run though it on the big day.
One super special day we had was the day we got to see the Dali Lama, he lives in Leh now and this day he was heading out, A huge thing at any time and to be there was amazing. He took a while and the crowd got bigger and bigger, Locals all dressed up and there to see him.

Also we had Bill and Molly get married, they were 2 of 3 of the first runners to come and try this La Ultra run, both not finishing as Bill got sick and they pulled out, Only for Molly to come back last year and finish it. Then Bill came this year  to finish and did finish it. Congrats to you both and thankyou for your support.

Most nights Rajat and his team would get us together and tell us more info about the race or what was happening the next day. Even though there was only 11 runners there was about 50 people as every runner has 3 crew and a driver. So lots to organize.
The official book of maps for us to check out, Just added to the excitment I was feeling.

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