Great news this week

3 days of work left here in the Pilbara. Will miss the crew here at MOOKA Georgiou,  they are an amazing group of people.

Has been a great 2 weeks with regards to my Japan run…
First the guys at work started throwing in money to help out and donate to the cause – and I mean it’s up in the thous ands, which is amazing.
Then with those good vibes came an email from New Balance Japan who now are our sponsors for my shoes and clothing. Thank you so much NBJ.
Thinking that the week was going so well anyway when I got a couple of emails from Sam and Paul at Roberts-Mudge Plumbing & Gas Fitting Pty Ltd
and S andra Cook / Jacci Ingham at STORMBIRD PHOTOGRAPHY out Jacci’s photos they are amazing.
Both companies have become financial sponsors which is just awesome. It’s the first time I have had this and it just helps the run happen so much easier!
Also have had some great help from Gonfoto Kawakami in Japan. Gon san is going to be helping me with organizing and then doing some shots as we make our way up the country, so great to have this support as it is just that little bit harder in another country.
My great friend Hide has also been crazy busy helping me out with my computer skills (none) and making up maps and things behind the scenes way back since Running NZ times. Itsumo arigatou Hide.
More info and good news coming this week I hear which is just upping the motivation as I get closer to starting this crazy mission.
I leave for Japan on 2nd March and will be busy meeting people and getting things sorted as well as working for 10 days at the All Japan Mogul comp on the 11th March where I’ll be helping build the course.
Lots of fun to come and I will be getting right into writing the blog from now on. More info can be found on our website
Thank you to everyone for helping me get this run happening. It will be so much fun I promise. Come around japan with me and I’ll show you just how beautiful it and its people are.

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